New Ice Plant arrives

July 2020

As announced earlier this year the Arena has been working closely with Sheffield City Council on a number of projects to guarantee that customers, event organisers & promoters have the latest venue facilities, ensuring the Arena continues to play a crucial role in promoting Sheffield across the country.

The biggest of these projects, the new ice plant, has now arrived at the Arena. The state-of-the-art machinery had been built off-site and transported to the venue where the preparatory works for its arrival have been taking place over the past few months. This plant will replace the existing plant that is now nearly 30 years old and well over its working life.

Of the new Ice Plant Sheffield Steelers Managing Director and owner Tony Smith said:- “We are delighted at the commitment shown by Sheffield City Council with the investment they have made at the Arena with the installation of the new Ice plant.

The relationship between the Steelers, the Arena and Sheffield City Trust has never been stronger with the all parties committed to putting on the very best product in the very best building that we can. This new ice plant will certainly assist the Steelers and help make our events faster and even more entertaining.

This long-term commitment is welcomed by all of us at the Steelers as we all look forward to an exciting and lengthy future partnership”.

Replacing the original 30-year old equipment underlines Sheffield City Trust’s commitment to sustainability.  The new equipment and associated electrical work will provide a more environmentally friendly, efficient performance; reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as providing better quality ice for ice-hockey and touring shows, such as Disney on Ice.

Moreover, the investment & installation of the ice plant demonstrates the commitment of all involved parties to ensure that the Arena will be returning to business in the best possible shape when the venue is given permission to once again open and host events.

Dom Stokes, Head of live events and venues at Sheffield City Trust
, that includes the Arena, said:- “Clearly, we are going through the most difficult and challenging period ever for the venue, its amazing team and the industry at large. We are closed for the foreseeable future. However, Sheffield City Trust, with the crucial support of Sheffield City Council have been able to make this capital investment and continue to ensure we are in the ready and prepared for when we are allowed to get back to hosting incredible live events.

Over the past 3 years, ice events, ice hockey and specifically our partnership with the Sheffield Steelers has been front and centre of what we are about and some of the achievements in that time on and off the ice have been testament to that relationship. This will be even more important in the future for jobs and the wider economic benefit of the trust and the city”.