Exploring the Deep

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by comedian and musician Tim Minchin and oceanographers Diva Amon and Jon Copley to uncover what mysteries still lie at the bottom of our ocean. It is often said that we know more about the surface of the moon then we do about our own ocean floor, but is that really true?

What have modern-day explorers such as Diva and Jon discovered during their many expeditions to the deepest points of our oceans, and can they persuade Tim to join them on their next voyage?

From extraordinary life forms with incredible survival strategies, to the gruesome sex life of the angle fish, the panel discuss some of the greatest discoveries of the last few years, and what questions they still hope to answer.

Executive Producer: Alexandra Feachem

Horizons. A 21st Century  Space Odyssey with Professor Brian Cox to take audiences on a dazzling cinematic journey and will be stopping off at the Utilita Arena Sheffield on Friday 16 September 2022 rescheduled from Wednesday 20 October 2021.