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Utilita Arena and Sheffield City Hall Going Green With ‘Stack-Cup’

Sheffield City Trust has introduced reusable cups to Utilita Arena Sheffield, with plans to also introduce these to Sheffield City Hall in the future. With the aim to lessen its environmental impact through its partnership with Stack-Cup, helping to reduce an estimated 700,000 disposable cups each year.

More than 60,000 reusable pint cups will be in rotation to cover demand, enabling both sites to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by an approximate 266 Mg C (tonnes) per year.

The new cups will mean next to no waste on spillages and the clever (and globally patented) spiral handle makes the cumbersome tray unnecessary as customers can comfortably carry four beverage in one hand.

At the end of an event, customers can take their clever cups home to enjoy at their leisure and re-use when returning to the greener arena or simply leave their reusable cups in the designated bins provided (never in general waste!), ready to be professionally cleaned and placed back into circulation.

A wide variety of cup designs reflecting the arenas shows will be available, priced at £1, from all catering stands on all drink purchases. The cup can then be exchanged when returning for a drink where cups will be washed off-site and placed backinto circulation for future events.

Dominic Stokes, Head of Live Events and Venues at Sheffield City Trust said:

“Sheffield City Trust are working towards removing single use, disposable cups and replacing them with reusable cups. This forms one part of our environmental commitment to reduce plastic waste and lower our carbon emissions.

We have introduced stackable cups to make it easier for customers to carry multiple drinks from the bar in one hand and remove the need for trays. The new STACK-CUPs will make it more convenient and safer for you to carry drinks to your seat."

There are thirteen new and limited Stack-Cup designs to see, displaying all Utilita Arena Sheffield and City Hall have to offer customers; entertainment, sport, comedy, and fun.