Utilita Planet Pledge

Due to launch 17 January 2022, the Utilita Planet Pledge is based around psychological research suggesting it can take approximately 66-days to form a new habit, with the aim that UK households will commit to make a pledge for this duration to help tackle climate change. 

Utilita teamed up with habits specialist – Dr Pippa Lally. Dr Lally is a behavioural science expert at University College London and conducted the first study to investigate how habits form in everyday lives. In this study the average time it took for people to form a new habit was 66 days although Dr Lally is keen to point out that there was a lot of variation with some people forming habits quicker and others taking much longer. Excited to be joining the pledge herself, Dr Lally will be guiding those taking part with tips and advice on how to form habits that will have a positive impact on the planet – and the pocket! 

The new campaign will support the 79% of people who want to impact climate change but struggle to do so - with the ambition of encouraging long-term pro-planet habits to get the UK to Net Zero as much as two years ahead of the 2050 target. 

The Utilita Planet Pledge has multiple benefits, not only will participating households save on their energy bills and help protect the planet, but big prizes are up for grabs too. Each week Utilita will give away eco-friendly prizes, plus an overall prize of an eco-friendly staycation worth £2,000 with £1,000 spending money to giveaway to one participant who has continued with their pledge throughout the 66-days. To enter, participants will need to sign up to the Planet Pledge online and share at least one weekly update on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tagging Utilita and using #PlanetPledge.

From 17 January 2022, on the official launch of Big Energy Savings Week, thousands of people can join Utilita’s Planet Pledge to explore new ways to help Mother Earth and save money.