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Young Voices Postponed

A Message from the promoter of Young Voices:

"We understand that during the rising tension around the Omicron variant and the outlook for January that there are questions being raised regarding YV 2022 concerts.

"As always, our priority here at Young Voices is the health, both physical and mental, of our children, teachers and the families who attend our concerts. It is therefore our decision to postpone all of our concerts to Spring/Summer 2022. We tried so hard to give this every opportunity to go ahead but we had to make this decision in the end and as a result we would also like to apologise for not being able to make the call any sooner.

"We are currently working hard alongside our venues to make sure all of our original dates can be accommodated within this new timeframe and we will be announcing new dates as soon as we have them. All ticket orders will be transferable to the new concert series.

"Until then we wish you a safe and healthy Christmas break and please know that the Young Voices team will be doing everything behind the scenes to make sure this is worth all of the wait!"