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Environmental Policy

Sheffield City Trust Group

Utilita Arena Sheffield and it's owners Sheffield City Trust Group recognises that its operations have a direct impact on the environment.

This policy has been introduced to reduce the impact and wherever possible enhance the environment through our operations.

Under this policy Sheffield City Trust Group is committed to continually improve its environmental performance through the following methods:

• Continually improve energy efficiency across all venues;
• Wherever viable seek alternative forms of green energy for our venues; 
• Reduce waste to the lowest practicable minimum & promote recycling; 
• Actively encourage similar environmental standards from our suppliers and contractors; 
• Reduce the use of raw materials wherever possible; 
• Maintain or exceed compliance with all Energy & Environmental Legislation, Codes of Practice and Operating Agreements;
• Assess and minimise the negative impact of any historic, current and future operations; 
• Encourage more environmentally sound transport solutions to staff and customers alike

Wherever possible single-use plastics are being replaced with more sustainable alternatives and we are currently introducing biodegradable paper straws & wooden cutlery.

The Arena food & packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and sourced locally.

Our Waste Management contractor, Viridor, recycles over 90% of the waste generated at the venue - this means that 90% of customer waste that is put into our bins is recycled and we are working with our contractor to further increase this. We also have a zero waste to landfill policy.

We no longer use harmful cleaning chemicals.

All venues are powered by 100% Certified Renewable Electricity only with 100% of our heating is produced from Biomass District Heating from the local power station.

In all aspects of our business we are looking at the impact our operation will have on our environment and at how environmental impact can be minimised.

A copy of the companies Environmental Policy is available on this link.