Got a question about any aspect of your visit to the Arena then read on.....

All bookings for the venue are handled online by our ticketing provider Ticketmaster, with an in-person Box Office facility at the venue only available approx. 2 hours before doors on the day of an event. Please be aware that the Arena no longer has a telephone booking line should you require assistance with a booking please complete the Box Office enquiry form below

Coming to a show at the Arena for the first time can leave you with lots of questions. With over 15 million customers through the door since we opened in 1991, we have probably been asked the question before, so we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below.

If you have a question that you don't see answered below  please email and we will try to answer your question and if it is a frequently asked question we will put the information in this section to try and help other customers.

You may also want to ask other customers through our Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkenIn or Google Business pages.

What security measures are in place at your venue?

Venue's general security procedures (updated March 2024) :- Safety and security of our customers has always been, and continues to be, our highest priority. We are in constant liaison with officers from the government’s anti-terrorism unit to ensure that we are following Home Office guidelines and have up to date intelligence.

Specifically following events in places where large numbers of public gather we are implementing heightened security procedures. However, because of the sensitive nature of these protocols, we cannot elaborate further on the specific details. We would ask that customers be patient and understanding where this might impact on queue times and / or the prohibition of items permitted on the premises. We will make every effort to communicate this information to customers as quickly and clearly as we can.

We would always recommend customers check our web site & facebook page before you travel & that you also arrive at the venue as early as you can to minimise possible delays in accessing the venue.

The venue is covered with surveillance cameras that operate inside & outside the venue 24/7.

Customers may be searched or wanded before they are allowed access to the venue.  If you or your bag aren't searched and/or wanded that doesn't mean the stewards are not doing their job - searchers are just one component of the security measures in place.

It is a criminal offence to bring smoke bombs, flares & fireworks into the venue - a full list of prohibited items can be viewed below.

No bags larger than an A3 size (approximately 40cm x 35cm x 19cm) will be permitted in the venue.

Please keep the number of personal belongings you bring with you to an absolute minimum - any items you bring to an event will be subject to additional searches and slow your entry to the venue & may, in some cases, prevent your entry.

The additional security procedures will slow entry to the venue and we advise that everyone arrives as close to the doors open time is possible.

On a show day there will be no access to the venue until 4pm - this includes no customer queueing as well as the Arena's on-site car parks for which you must have a valid car parking ticket or permit to access. Further info on purchasing parking tickets available here.

Anyone arranging to drop-off, meet or pick-up someone from an event must do so away from the venue and the car parks. We understand this can be inconvenient but is a necessary measure for the security of everyone coming to the venue. If any member of your party has mobility issues our car parking staff will make every effort to offer a suitable drop-off location but this is based on the traffic conditions at the time of your arrival and may not always be possible.

If you require medication with you when attending an event click here for our procedures.

If you have specific dietary requirements that require you to bring food/drink not provided by the venue click here for our procedures.

We know that many Ice Hockey fans attending games at the Arena exchange birthday presents & gifts, particularly at Christmas, with fellow ice hockey supporters, but again, for reasons of security, we ask that these are exchanged away from the venue and not brought to the Arena as wrapped items cannot be allowed in.

Please never leave your items unattended and report any suspicious activity to a venue steward @ShowsecUK.

In addition to the venue's general security procedures detailed above specific measures may be put in place for the show you are attending - these will be listed on this web site on the page of the event you are attending. This information will be announced the week of the show. Please ensure you read this information as the procedures may be different than on your last visit to the venue.

We thank you for your understanding & patience for the additional entry waiting time the above measures may lead to and ask that you forward these procedures on to other customers coming to an event at the Sheffield Arena.

Above all be safe and enjoy your visit.

Can you provide a list of prohibited items?

Below is a list of items that are not allowed into the venue, it includes but is not exclusive to so please don't bring anything with you to the event that can't be left in the car should the stewards tell you that an item is prohibited at the event you are attending - we don't have storage for prohibited items.... 

- Pyrotechnics including flares, smoke bombs & fireworks

- Flammable liquids

- Luggage & large bags 

- Illegal substances

- Rucksacks

- Glass bottles & cans

- Laser pens/pointers

- Video equipment, professional cameras, laptops, ipads & Go Pro

- Knives or any items that can be used as a weapon

- Signs, banners, balloons, flags on poles or selfie sticks - poles with/without any attached items can not be any longer than 1 foot (includes umbrella's)

- Air horns, whistles, or any noise-making devices

- Pressurised containers such as aerosol sprays

- Food & drink  –  further details available here

- Large studs and chains

- Bottled Perfumes 

Can I bring a camera or record the show?

The unauthorised use of cameras, mobile phones, ipads, video or any other form of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. We strongly recommend you to just come and enjoy the concert and don't bring a camera/recording equipment to avoid any issues. 

As a general rule professional type camera's & ones with detachable lenses are not allowed in, with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event.

Video cameras and audio recording equipment are very rarely allowed, but often the show promoter will allow in small cameras or phones to be used. It can depend on the type of event and the impact the taking of pictures will have on the event, the artiste, other customers and the effect of uploading footage online - bearing this in mind it is not uncommon for all cameras/recording to be banned at the request of the artiste.

If photography is allowed at an event stewards can still ask you to stop if your actions are disturbing or effecting the view and enjoyment of the show of those around you.

Can I bring children to events at the arena?

Usually, there is no age restriction on who can come to events taking place at the Arena. However if unsure, please check with the box office before booking as the content / language of some events may be deemed unsuitable for children below a certain age. Some shows offer reduced price or free tickets for children to watch their shows so please check - as with all ticket prices, concessions and age criteria this is the event promoters decision and not that of the venues. It is often left to the discretion of the parent or guardian.

Please note that some events at the Arena have a standing area on the floor and this area may not be suitable for children aged 14 & under and therefore we recommend that tickets should be purchased in a seated area of the Arena.

The Arena is a safe environment but you must be aware that events we host often have in excess of 13,000 people, often taking place late at night and in an adult environment. You know how your children will best interact in this environment and react to the show they are watching.

Do you have a cloakroom or lockers?

As the Arena is such a large venue, with a huge amount of people visiting the events we are unable to provide a cloakroom or locker facility. 

We advise customers to bring a minimal amount of personal belongings, especially if you are going to a standing concert, as there will not be any space to leave any coats or bags.

We strongly recommend you read the specific security info related to the show you are attending that is published on the show page a few days ahead of the concert along with timings, running order & other important information & in the meantime we recommend you read the further info on security at the venue here.

Can I smoke at the arena?

Customers are not allowed to smoke inside the building by law. We do try to offer a smoking area outside the venue, but please be aware that this facility is at the discretion of the venue & for reasons of weather, security etc.. it may not always be possible to provide a smoking area on the show you are attending.

If the external smoking area is available on the show you are attending this will be operated using a pass out system - anyone wishing to use the smoking area must contact a steward who will be able to inform them of the procedures & the location of the smoking area. Anyone leaving the building of their own volition will not be able to regain access to the building.

Our priority is to ensure all customers access the venue quickly & safely. As the smoking zone is located in an area that customers also use to access the venue a smoking area will only be available once the majority of customers are in the building – this avoids queues in the designated area and enables us to allocate sufficient resources to manage both entrance and smoking areas.

Failure to comply may result in ejection with no re-admission.

From 13th March 2017, and in line with Sheffield City Trust Policy, Electronic Cigarettes or Vapes will be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco products. These will not be allowed to be used inside the venue and can only be used externally in the designated areas when a pass-out is obtained, as per the above procedure.

How loud will the show I am attending be?

Amplified noise levels during a show may be harmful to your hearing. The venue carefully monitors the noise levels of every show performing in our venue at various times throughout the event to ensure these levels fall within safe limits. For your added safety disposable hearing protection is available from the venue upon request, just contact a member of staff for further information.

A very limited number of increased noise cancelling ear defenders are subject to availability upon request - we are more than happy to allow customers to bring their own ear defenders, these are allowed into the venue.

Who can go in the standing area?

Only customers aged 14 and over are allowed to stand on the Arena floor - please do not purchase floor standing ticket for under 14's as you will not be able to access the standing area and if all tiered seating is sold you will be unable to access the venue. Age restrictions will vary depending upon the show so please check the floor standing age restriction for the event you are attending.

When you access the floor standing area of the venue stewards will check that your ticket allows you into this area and then take the ticket from you, this is currently part of our procedures on floor standing gigs. We recommend that you use the toilet facilities & catering outlets on the Arena floor when you are located in this area. However, should you need to leave this area during the show a steward will give you a ticket as you leave which you will need to present to gain access back to the floor. If, when you are leaving the gig you wish to take a ticket as a souvenir please ask a steward for a ticket. Should you miss this opportunity on the way out just drop an email to our customer services team along with your postal address, if we have any tickets left we will post you one out.

When you first enter the venue you can access the floor area from any of the stairs that go down to the floor. Once the event has started then access to the standing floor area is usually only from the rear of the venue and you can normally leave the floor from any of the stairs (to reduce impact on those seated around these areas and to prevent customers from trying to "jump" to the front of the standing area from the back stewards will direct you to only access/return to the floor by the stairs at the rear of the Arena).

This can change on a show by show basis so please check with a steward at the show should you need further information.

I have lost something at the arena - what can I do?

If you realise that you have lost something during your visit to the Arena whilst you are still inside the arena, please go to the Information Point on Green Concourse and report the item which has been lost. If the item isn't here then your details will be taken and we will contact you if the item is handed in.

If you have left the event and realise you have lost an item email

Please give a brief description that would enable us to identify the item as being yours, along with the show, date & performance if attending an event that is taking place over several days.

Where the items lost have an address or phone number we will make every effort to contact you and return your lost item.

Lost property is held for two months after this time items will be donated to charity.

Where do I queue to access the Arena?

You access the venue for both the standing & seating areas in exactly the same way. The venue is divided between Red, Green & Blue coloured doors. To ensure customers are evenly distributed between all three of these entrances all tickets purchased from the venue box office state on the tickets which colour door to enter through.

If you are watching the show as a group and some of you have different coloured doors on your tickets you can stay together and enter through the same doors. 

For some events customers may queue for many hours - if you do arrive before the doors open  you will often find that the stairs are taped off and you are required to queue from the bottom of the stairs. Customers are then let up to the doors just before the venue doors are opened.

Always double check with a steward before you start queueing that you are in the correct location for the tickets you hold as procedures can change from event to event.

As part of the venues security procedures no one is allowed to queue on site before 4pm - further information regarding the general security procedures that are in place are available here.  Make sure you also check the event page of the show you are attending for any specific instructions.

All the venues doors are opened at the same time.

What toilet facilities do you have?

Below is a breakdown of the toilet facilities available at the Arena, dependent upon such issues as show layout, performance area and audience profile not all these facilities may be in use at the event you are attending. Again depending upon audience profile we may increase the number of male/female toilets to reflect the number of male/female customers attending the show. If you are having difficulty finding what you require please contact the closest Showsec steward in the yellow tops who will be more than happy to help.

Red Concourse
1 male toilet block with 15 private cubicles; urinal block; 12 sinks; 4 hand dryers; 2 mirrors; 1 baby change.  
1 female toilet block with 26 private cubicles; 10 sinks; 4 hand dryers; 2 mirrors; 1 baby change. 
2 purpose built unisex RADAR accessible toilets.

Green Concourse
1 male toilet block with 3 private cubicles; urinal block; 6 sinks; 2 hand dryers; 1 mirror
1 female toilet block with 15 private cubicles; 8 sinks; 2 hand dryers; 2 mirrors. 

Blue Concourse
1 male toilet block with 15 private cubicles; urinal block; 12 sinks; 4 hand dryers; 2 mirrors; 1 baby change. 
1 female toilet block with 26 private cubicles; 10 sinks; 4 hand dryers; 2 mirrors; 1 baby change. 
2 purpose built unisex RADAR accessible toilets.

Ground Floor
5 male blocks each with urinal blocks; 1 private cubicle; 3 wheelchair access cubicles; 7 sinks; 5 mirrors; 4 hand dryers; 1 assisted changing facility with a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and a tracking hoist system.
3 female blocks with 62 private cubicles - 3 with wheelchair access; 34 sinks; 7 hand dryers; 5 mirrors; 2 baby change.
1 private care room.

Click here if you require more detailed information on our accessible toilets.

I am not happy with my seats, can I move?

It is part of the condition of sale that there is no exchange of the ticket purchased. However, should when you arrive at the Arena and you feel there is an issue with your seat please bring it to our attention as soon as possible by contacting the nearest steward or attending the information desk on the green concourse and we will make every effort to try and resolve. It is much easier to address and try to resolve a concern at the show than once the event has past.

If you see empty seats in the Arena please do not assume that you can move into them as there is every chance these are sold and the customer has not yet arrived which will cause further issues when they do arrive take their seats.

Can I bring my medication into the Arena?

Should you need to bring any medication with you when attending the Arena please contact us in advance by emailing once we are aware we can then make provision in advance of your attendance.

If you have a medical condition that requires our assistance again use the above email address so we can get in contact to see how we can be of assistance to ensure your visit to the venue is as smooth as possible.

Do you have provide assisted hearing devices?

We offer hearing assistance to our customers with the Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D system. This transmits an audio feed of the event using FM radio frequencies.

Due to the limited number of devices we strongly recommend you book in advance. If you require a headset please make this known at the time of booking your event ticket. You can email If you are already here at an event please ask a steward to direct you to Information on Green Concourse and if we have any devices available we will be happy to loan these to you. 

The following devices are available at our venue:

Stethoset receivers - where earphones are built in for people who need a clearer audio feed, predominantly spoken word type events where background noise and reverberation in the hall reduces the intelligibility of what customers hear.

Bodypack receivers - with a 3.5 mm audio port as above, but for people who want to use their own earphones/headphones OR for hearing aid users via an induction neck loop.

Induction neck loops - for use with the bodypack receivers, they plug into the audio port and then create a small induction loop for the user to then connect their hearing aid to.

Do you have a private room I can use when visiting the Arena?

We provide a care room that can be used during a show from the doors open time until the event ends. This is a private room located just off reception at Entrance B - if you would like to use this room please contact a steward who will check on availability and arrange access.

What should I wear?

Should any of the shows at the Arena have a dress code it will be highlighted on this specific show. Unless highlighted there is no Arena dress code just come in what you feel is comfortable for the show you are attending. Some shows may involve audience participation or fancy dress we just ask that you follow the promoters guidelines on appropriate wear.

If the clothing is likely to cause offense, obscures views or prevents the wearer from being identified you may be asked to remove.

In terms of the venue temperature the Arena is an indoor venue with a temperature control system designed to provide a comfortable environment for both the performers and the audience.

The Arena temperature is taken as an average across 3 set points within the venue, given the vast expanse of space there can be several degrees difference in temperature between different areas of the venue. The temperature within the hall is usually set a couple of hours prior to the opening of doors & monitored throughout an event. 

There are many issues that can affect the ambient temperature of the building, including the type of event, the size & level of audience participation in the show, the opening and closing of external & internal doors, time of year & the external temperature and show requests for specific temperatures, plus one person’s comfortable temperature can be another person’s too hot or too cold. All these issues are considered when the temperature for an event is set.

As a general guide if you are attending an event here during the winter and specifically ice based events we would always recommend you bring suitable warm clothing. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the temperature of the venue please bring this to the attention of the nearest steward so we can look into the issue, but it may not be possible for us to alter the temperature.

What facilities do you have for babies?

We have baby changing facilities in the ladies toilets on both the ground floor level at Entrance C and on on concourse level. There is also baby changing facilities in the gents toilets on both the Red and Blue concourse.

Depending upon the show you are attending not all these facilities may be in operation so please check with a steward if in any doubt. Plus on family shows additional temporary changing facilities are brought in to meet the increase in demand.

There is also a care room available upon request if additional privacy is required - this room is subject to availability.

Warm water can be provided for you to heat bottles for babies - please ask at any of our catering stands where either a supervisor or the Catering Manager will be able to assist you.

You can bring young audience members to the venue in pushchairs but there is no facility inside the Arena to accommodate these chairs - they must be stored away at our information point on the green concourse for the duration of the event you are attending.

Please be aware that the Arena hosts a wide range of events and not all shows are considered suitable for infants because of noise/lighting levels from either the show or the audience so please check before purchasing your ticket.

Can I leave the arena once inside for an event?

Unless stated tickets only allow for one single admission – once scanned in you cannot leave the controlled Arena environment.  Your ticket will not allow re-entry.

There are a number of reasons why we don't allow people to leave the arena and come back in: The first is because we use tickets upon entry to keep an accurate count of the number of people in the building for fire safety. Secondly, on busy events, allowing people to pop in and out can causes congestion with people trying to come in for the first time. Keeping the flow of people in one direction at any time is the safest way to work.

When can I enter the arena?

The Arena and its facilities are closed and will not be open until the published 'Doors Open' time on your ticket. There is no access to food/drink or toilet facilites until this time.

On a show day customers are allowed onto the venue to queue and to use on-site parking facilities from approximately 2 hours prior to the opening of the doors to the show, unless otherwise stated on the show page of the event you are attending. 

An events running order is usually given to us by the promoter of the event a week ahead of the show - this is then published on the event's show page on this web site and on our Facebook & Twitter feeds. This information can change and if practical would always  recommend you check before you travel.

You are able to enter the venue at any time whilst the show is on, but just be aware if arriving after the event has started you may need to check with a steward the most appropriate door to enter and that you may be asked to wait for a suitable break to access your seats.

Do you have wi-fi at the Arena?

Customers can now access free wifi when attending shows at the venue. Please be aware there may be restrictions on what you can access or, on some shows, the wi-fi facility may be blocked at the request of the show.

What is a family ticket?

The term family ticket is usually used by the show's promoters to describe a ticket offer that admits four people of which at least one of the party must be an adult. Each event promoter may have different definitions and offers so please check before you book. All ticket holders must enter the building together at the same time on this type of ticket.

An event has been re-scheduled / cancelled what should I do?

In the unfortunate circumstances of show re-scheduling/cancelling we will make every effort to contact the person who made the booking with the Box Office via the contact details they supplied (given the notice period we are given by the promoter this could be a letter, social media, email, telephone or radio, TV or newspaper).

You can attend the new date with you original tickets or return them to the point of purchase for a full refund of the tickets and in most cases booking & facility fees.

Please be aware that if you book through other ticket agencies or a third party we will not have your records and will be unable to contact you in event of a postponed/cancelled event as we don't hold your details. Different ticket agencies have different refund policies and returns procedures, often other ticketing agencies will not return your booking fee.

We will refund monies in the same way that tickets are purchased e.g. credit card to credit card. If there have been any change in circumstances since you made your booking, e.g. you have changed bank or credit card or address, please include these details in a covering letter when you return your tickets.

Always check with the Arena Box Office before returning the tickets to ensure you are aware of the particular shows returns procedures. Click here for the Arena's return procedure.

If you have booked tickets to see a show at the Arena we would always recommend you leave an email address so that we can, if possible, contact you should there be a last minute change to the show.

Alternatively we would also recommend that you either follow us on social media or at least check our Facebook Twitter pages before you travel for a show as this will have both latest information on the travel and parking and any last minute show changes.

When a show cancels or reschedules we are unable to refund any incidental costs you may have incurred such as travel &/or accommodation - insurance can be purchased to cover such eventualities but this is not something the venue can assist with.

Should it be stated at the time of booking that the date of the show or content/teams are still to be confirmed and you agree to book tickets with the knowledge that this is changeable and not confirmed we will be unable to issue refunds if you cannot attend the confirmed date - under such circumstances we recommend you wait for absolute confirmation of the date/teams before you book.

Why do you set ticket limits?

Some concert promoters set ticket limits on their shows, these limits will be displayed on the show to which they apply along with other conditions. Promoter's tend to do this to try and ensure as many people as possible get to see their shows and stop individuals from purchasing lots of tickets and then trying to sell on.

Where ticket limits are applied to a show tickets will be checked prior to posting anyone not adhering to the limits set in place will have all tickets purchased refunded.

How can I best prepare to buy tickets for an on sale?

Click here to view the Ticketmaster guide to improving your chances of getting your hands on tickets on those high demand shows

Create a Ticketmaster account in advance

If you don’t already have an account with Ticketmaster, create a brand new online account before the tickets go on sale. Set up a Ticketmaster account now (Click here to set it up), make sure all your details are correct, especially your address and postcode.
Add your Billing Details
Add your card details to your account in advance to save time when you go to purchase your tickets. Ticketmaster take debit and credit cards.
Log into your Ticketmaster Account
Log into your account before tickets go on sale. This way, if you get tickets the rest of the purchasing process will be smooth and quick – Updating your password? Make sure you create an 8 digit alphanumeric password.
Use a Secure Connection
If possible, log in at home so that you have a reliable WiFi connection. Office and public WiFi will have high demand which may slow down your connection and the purchasing process. If you’re using a mobile, you may want to try using Wi-Fi rather than 3G/4G, just in case you lose signal.
Only Use One Browser/Tab and don’t refresh the page
Don’t open multiple browsers or tabs. Doing so may cause the Ticketmaster system to think you are a robot, which will kick you out of the queue and you will be unable to purchase tickets. Hitting the refresh button means you’ll lose your place in the queue and, as frustrating as it can get, patience is the only way to win this game.Ticketmaster is equipped with sophisticated systems that are designed to manage and process ticket purchases as quickly as possible. The queuing system that appears on your screen is actually doing something and will place you at the front of the line as soon as possible.
Avoid camping on the event page before tickets are released
If you sit on the event page waiting for the timer to count down to zero before an event goes on sale, it means that the page will then need to refresh when tickets are released so that it can update for you to begin your search, which might slow you down. Waiting on the page before tickets are released doesn’t put you into a queue, so there’s not really any need to do this!
Choose the correct option for delivery during the purchase
Ensure all of your address details are inputted correctly.

Why can I no longer buy my tickets in person from the Arena Box Office?

The Arena Box Office only opens for in person bookings when we are hosting an event. If your preferred option for purchasing your tickets is in person then we still offer this option for you through the following.
You can either purchase tickets in person from the Sheffield City Hall Box Office - click here for City Hall opening hours, or from the Arena Box Office at Entrance C when we have an event on - however please bear in mind it will be busy & there may be access restrictions in place that prevent you from accessing the car park.

What are the fees and why am I being charged?

All our tickets are sold by our ticket agent Ticketmaster - they produce a guide in terms of what fees you are being charged and why just click on the links if you want further information - Where does the money from tickets & fees go  - How are ticket prices & fees determined - What is an order processing fee.

Can I see a seating plan?

Every show that plays the Arena has a slightly different set up so please always check the seating plan for the event you are attending.

A seating plan is available by clicking on the purple seating plan button on the event page. A more detailed seating plan that displays every seat is available by clicking on the buy tickets button, again on the page of the event you are attending. Click on a further buy button and you will see the live seating plan where you can drill down into individual blocks, rows & seats.

When a show goes on sale it can be over 12 months in advance of the show date. Therefore all seating & stage plans issued in advance of the show date are provided only as a guide and are always provisional & subject to change until the event’s production has been finalised which can often be right up until the doors open on show night. The promoter of the event will always try to keep any layout alterations to a minimum but this is often why tickets are released closer to the show date once these production requirements have been confirmed.

As a general guide we would ask customers to consider the following before making their decision on which area of the Arena they purchase a ticket for:-

The floor seating area is flat and not raked if customers seated in-front of you are taller than you when seated or choose to stand this can cause viewing restrictions - if you anticipate this may be an issue for any of your party please book tickets in the tiered seating areas on the first tier from row B and above or anywhere on the second tier and not on the floor.

Some shows have age restrictions placed on them either in terms of the location you are allowed access or by the show promoter because of the show content please consider these when choosing your seats and/or making a booking.

Some shows have mixed floor standing & seating or all the floor is a standing area - these areas may have age restrictions and/or may not be areas suitable for younger/smaller customers.

Dependent upon the nature of the event you are attending audiences may choose to stand and dance. This can vary from just one song to the whole show. In general the stewards will go with what the majority of the audience. Standing & dancing isn't exclusive to the floor area but in our experience this area of the venue has a tendency to be more active. Again if you have any concerns about this for any member of your party, our  advice would be to book tickets in the tiered blocks - although there is no guarantee you wont have people standing/dancing around you in this area it is less likely and has less impact as the seating is tiered.

Standing on seats is strictly prohibited.

The number of seats/spaces available for customers with access issues varies for each show and we strongly recommend early booking. In order for us to offer you the most suitable seating location we need to be aware of your needs at the time of booking and so that we can also be prepared for your arrival on the day of the show. To purchase Accessible Tickets, please contact us via our Accessible Tickets line on 0114 2565593 or complete our Box Office enquiry form below. If you know you will require accessible seating do not purchase a ticket within the venue and expect to be relocated when you arrive. This is more than often not possible as all suitable locations will have already been allocated and will mean you will be unable to access the venue. Further info & guidance available here.

Can I purchase tickets at a concessionary rate?

The event promoter sets the ticket prices the age catagories and concessionary tickets - in most instances concessions aren't available. However, if you are purchasing concessionary tickets you may be asked to provide evidence that you are entitled to purchase tickets at the concessionary rate when your tickets are checked as you enter the venue - if you are unable to provide this evidence you will not be admitted into the venue and will be required to purchase tickets at full price.

Please note that the age at which a child to qualifies for concessionary rates varies from event to event, therefore please check the age limit on the specific events page before booking. 

Some shows may offer free tickets for babes in arms but not all and they may have different definitions in terms of ages so please check the website to identify which events have concession tickets available and what the terms are.

For full priced Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey fixtures at the Arena children aged under 5 years are free but still require a ticket - these free child tickets are only available on full priced Steelers games, only in selected blocks in the second tier of the Arena and must be booked at the Arena box office when a full price ticket is purchased. Children aged between 5 years and 15 years are entitled to purchase a concessionary children's ticket, anyone aged 16 and above is required to purchase a full priced adult ticket unless they are entitled to other concessions. 

The Sheffield Steelers run a limited number of discounted fixtures each season where all tickets are sold at a special promotional rate - for the 2023/4 season these tickets are priced £8 - this is the price that anyone attending the fixture is required to pay irrespective of their age and so this includes babes in arms - this is the policy of the event promoter, the Sheffield Steelers.

What forms of ID do you accept?

There are different reasons why age requirements are in place when you attend a show at the Arena.

This may be an event requirement because of the content of the show, a legal requirement in respect of licensing or venue operating license, or maybe a suggested age restriction for the safety of customers in the standing area of the venue.

If you are lucky enough to look younger than your age then you may be asked for proof of age at any/all of the following stages:- by the box office at the time of booking; stewards as you enter the venue or the venues floor standing area; or catering staff if purchasing alcohol.

Please don't be offended if we ask you for ID we are just ensuring that we are compliant with the venues operating licence and ensuring a safe environment for all our customers.

The Arena will accept the following forms of photo identification (originals, copies or photos on your phone are acceptable if valid and clearly visible) whilst still reserving the right to refuse access/service - just click on the below for further info on the schemes and details how to apply:-

Driver’s licence

Validate UK card

Young Scott card 



We will also accept any card that has The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme logo (PASS).

Acceptable forms of ID are constantly reviewed with new schemes added or updated so please check with us if you have any questions

Can I queue up to buy tickets?

Customers who wish to book or collect their tickets in person in advance of the show can only do this from the Sheffield City Hall, Barkers Pool, Sheffield, S1 2JA  - click here for Sheffield City Hall opening times.

Ticketmaster frequently asked questions - FAQ's

Our ticketing provider, Ticketmaster, have provided a comprehensive help on all ticket related issues - from fan to fan ticketing, delivery details, to how to place an order & make a booking. Click here for more answers to specific ticketing questions.

Can I pay by card for food, drink, car parking or merchandise at the Arena?

Our Food & Drink outlets are cashless - we only take payment through the chip & pin and contactless card payments.

Should you have any further questions about our catering provision please email or if you are already at the venue just ask to speak with the Duty Manager who work at every event.

The car park only accepts card payments.

The merchandise outlets accept Apple Pay and debit/credit cards through contactless and chip & pin payment machines - they may accept cash but as they are an external comapny that travel with the show we are unable to confirm so would recommend you have a card to pay for any tour merchandise to avoid disappointment.

There is no on site cash machine & your ticket only allows for single entry so you cannot leave and return into the venue. 

What do you recycle?

Wherever possible single-use plastics are being replaced with more sustainable alternatives and we are currently introducing biodegradable paper straws & wooden cutlery.

The Arena food & packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and sourced locally.

Our Waste Management contractor, Viridor, recycles over 90% of the waste generated at the venue - this means that 90% of customer waste that is put into our bins is recycled and we are working with our contractor to further increase this. We also have a zero waste to landfill policy.

We no longer use harmful cleaning chemicals.

All venues are powered by 100% Certified Renewable Electricity only with 100% of our heating produced from Biomass District Heating from the local power station.

In all aspects of our business we are looking at the impact our operation will have on our environment and at how environmental impact can be minimised.

Further information is available in our Environmental Policy section on this link.

Can I bring my own food & drink into the Arena?

Only food & drink purchased in the venue can be consumed in the Arena. 

You are allowed to take your purchases to your seat, but sometimes restrictions are placed upon us by the event such as no bottles or bottles can only be served with the tops removed - signs will be around the venue to inform you if such restrictions are in place.

Cold tap water is available in disposable plastic cups free of charge on all shows please ask at the catering stand. Further info on the use of your own re-usable plastic drinks containers available here

Should you have any specific dietary needs that you think we may not cater for or any further questions about our catering provision please contact us as far in advance of the show you are attending as possible so we can try to assist - please email so this can be looked at ahead of your visit.

Our Food & Drink outlets are cashless, we only be take payment through chip & pin and contactless card payments.

We hope that you will soon see the benefit of quicker service and reduce waiting times at our catering stands and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

More information about the food & drink facilities available at the Arena can be found here.

If you are attending a private event at the Arena please check with that event what their policy is on food & drink as there may be a different policy & procedure from regularly ticketed events procedures detailed above.

Why do you charge to use the Arena car park?

The Arena has it's own on site car parking and charges for the use of this facility on events & non-event days - further info here.

As from 1st October 2019 our car parks will be cashless - payment on the day is by card only.

The event ticket price is set by the promoter of the show performing at the venue and they keep all of the ticket monies not the Arena so the parking price isn't built into the price of the ticket and only people that use the car park are charged for it.

The Arena is part of a not-for-profit organisation, Sheffield City Trust. As a not-for-profit organisation, we don’t have shareholders; instead any surplus from ticketing, car park charges and hosting events are reinvested into our venues and activities to deliver a quality events programme - part of which also includes the maintenance, CCTV coverage, ticket scanner, lighting & staffing of the Arena car park.

We strongly recommend to pre-book parking tickets as this reserves you a guaranteed parking space on the day of the show - click here for further info on pre-booking your tickets. Many events sell out of parking spaces ahead of a show to assist with travel to the venue please follow #arenatravelupdates on social media and if you don't book advance parking please check parking availability and look at alternative arrangements such as park and ride - further info here

On site car parking charges for the Arena is £14 whether purchased in advance (subject to fees) or on the day. For Steelers Ice Hockey fixtures the car park charges are £7.50 advanced & £10 pay on the day.

I've been issued with a parking charge notice - what can I do?

If you been issued with a parking charge whilst parked on one of the Arena car parks, please refer to the contact details on the parking charge notice - more info here 

We regret that the venue is unable to answer enquiries as parking charge notices are issued by an external company.

Do you have parking space for Motorcycle/Push Bikes ?

There is no charge if you chose to bring a bike or motorcycle to a show & park in the Arena car park. However please be aware that there is only a limited number of metal railings to attach your bike and we have no shelter or locker facility.

Can I leave my car in the arena car park?

Parking at the venue is no longer allowed on non event days - please do not park/leave your car at the venue unless you are attending an event and then only within the show parking times. 

How do I make a complaint?

The Arena endeavours to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, however if you do encounter a problem please feel free to contact our Customer Services department by emailing

To ensure we are able to thoroughly investigate and respond to customer concerns we aim to reply to complaints within 10 working days - every email sent to customer services will receive an automated reply stating this - if you do not receive this please check your spam folders/filters.

There is always a Manager on duty at every event, it is always easier to try to resolve an issue at the time as there is often very little we can do once the event has ended.

I have an issue with merchandise what can I do?

Merchandise is sold at the majority of our shows through our partner company National Merchandise.

Merchandise sold at our venue is handed over to National Merchandise by the touring act/party and we nor National Merchandise have access to saleable stock before or after the event, of which then retravels with the touring party.

Should you have any issues or questions regarding your purchase once you have left the building and taken it home, please contact National Merchandise at the following email address; including where you purchased the item, a description and where/when relevant please attach a photo. If your issue is time sensitive and urgent, please request your email be sent to the relevant merchandise management that for that date.

If you have an issue with merchandise purchased at the Disney On Ice you can contact their merchandisers direct by sending your contact details, show venue and time, and a full description of your item to our Quality Assurance team on

Sheffield Steelers merchandise is handled by the ice hockey club. Should you have an issue with merchandise purchased from them we recommend you contact their merchandise stand at the next home fixture.

Can I see a risk assessment for the venue?

Yes, you can see a copy of our risk assesment for visiting public by clicking here.

Can you donate to my charity raffle?

We receive hundreds of requests a month to support the many good causes in and around the region and do try our best to support where we can.

We are unable to offer cash but can occasionally support your event with the donation of tickets to see a show at the Arena, but we only have a very limited number of tickets available for this use. 

In order for us to consider any request we will require that you put your request in writing stating:- 

The date you are holding the event
What the charity is - please include a letter from the charity confirming that you are fundraising on their behalf.
A contact name and postal address that we can reach you on.
We will then reply to you to let you know either way if we can or cannot support your event on this occasion.

You can email your request to or for postal applications send to Customer Services, Utilita Arena Sheffield, Broughton Lane, Sheffield S9 2DF.

The volume of requests mean that we are only able to consider applications that include all the above information and sent to the above contact.