Coming to a Concert?

Whether it's your first time or 20th time! Check out our guide!




It’s important to do research and be prepared before you attend an event at the Arena. Every show is different and there can be thousands of people, loud music and flashing lights which some people may find intimidating. But if you prepare yourself you will have an experience you will never forget. Here are some tips before your attend a concert!






Dress Comfortably

Wear what YOU feel comfortable in! Especially if you're standing!



Get To The Concert Early

Be sure to check our social media channels and your event website page for the running times! These will usually be available a week before the event and enable you to plan your journey! Try and arrive as closely to the 'Doors Open' time as you can!




Have your tickets already downloaded

Be sure to have any E-Tickets already downloaded before you arrive at the venue! This will help ensure faster entry.




Only bring necessary items

Don't bring any unecessary or prohibited items! No bags larger than an A3 size are allowed inside the venue. A list of prohibited items can be seen here




Be Respectful!

Audiences can be excitable, especially when standing, so try to stay calm. Give yourself and others space




Stay Hydrated!

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during the performance! Most shows have an interval - take advantage of this. It can get very warm, especially when standing!




Know The Band or Artist

Make sure you know all your favourite songs so you can sing along! Singing along with thousands of people around you is an amazing experience!




Take A Lot Of Pictures

Make some memories and capture the moments! You'll want to reminisce about your first concert, or any concert for that matter!

TIP - Make sure your device is fully charged!



Tag Us!

Be sure to tag us! We love seeing your photos and videos as much as you love taking them!