Safety & Security

The safety & security of our customers has always been, and continues to be, our highest priority.

We are in constant liaison with officers from the government’s anti-terrorism unit to ensure that we are following Home Office guidelines and have up to date intelligence.

In addition to the venue's general security procedures detailed above specific measures may be put in place for the show you are attending - these will be listed on this web site on the page of the event you are attending.This information will be announced the week of the show. Please ensure you read this information as the procedures may be different than on your last visit to the venue.

Specifically following events in places where large numbers of public gather we are implementing heightened security procedures. However, because of the sensitive nature of these protocols, we cannot elaborate further on the specific details. We would ask that customers be patient and understanding where this might impact on queue times and / or the prohibition of items permitted on the premises. We will make every effort to communicate this information to customers as quickly and clearly as we can. 

We would always recommend customers check our web site & facebook page before you travel & that you also arrive at the venue as early as you can to minimise possible delays in accessing the venue.

The venue is covered with surveillance cameras that operate inside & outside the venue 24/7.

Customers may be searched or wanded before they are allowed access to the venue.  If you or your bag aren't searched and/or wanded that doesn't mean the stewards are not doing their job - searchers are just one component of the security measures in place.

It is a criminal offence to bring smoke bombs, flares & fireworks into the venue - search dogs will be on site for many events - for a full list of prohibited items click here.

No rucksacks or any bags larger than an A3 size (approximately 40cm x 35cm x 19cm) will be permitted in the venue and there is no facility to store these items at the venue.  

Please keep the number of personal belongings you bring with you to an absolute minimum - any items you bring to an event will be subject to additional searches and slow your entry to the venue & may, in some cases, prevent your entry. 

The additional security procedures will slow entry to the venue and we advise that everyone arrives as close to the doors open time is possible.

On a show day there will be no access to the venue until 4pm - this includes no customer queueing as well as the Arena's on-site car parks for which you must have a valid car parking ticket or permit to access. Further info on purchasing parking tickets available here.

Anyone arranging to drop-off, meet or pick-up someone from an event must do so away from the venue and the car parks. We understand this can be inconvenient but is a necessary measure for the security of everyone coming to the venue. If any member of your party has mobility issues our car parking staff will make every effort to offer a suitable drop-off location but this is based on the traffic conditions at the time of your arrival and may not always be possible.     

If you require medication with you when attending an event click here for our procedures.

If you have specific dietary requirements that require you to bring food/drink not provided by the venue click here for our procedures.

We know that many Ice Hockey fans attending games at the Arena exchange birthday presents & gifts, particularly at Christmas, with fellow ice hockey supporters, but again, for reasons of security, we ask that these are exchanged away from the venue and not brought to the Arena as wrapped items cannot be allowed in.

Please never leave your items unattended and report any suspicious activity to a venue steward @ShowsecUK.

We thank you for your understanding & patience for the additional entry waiting time the above measures may lead to and ask that you forward these procedures on to other customers coming to an event at the Arena.

Above all be safe and enjoy your visit.