Venue accessibility

The Arena is a purpose built venue offering excellent facilities for visitors with access issues - the number of spaces available varies on a show by show & we strongly recommend early booking

In order for us to offer you the most suitable seating location we need to be aware of your needs at the time of booking and so that we can also be prepared for your arrival on the day of the show.

ONLY Wheelchair Accessible tickets/Essential Companion tickets can be purchased online through our ticket service provider website Ticketmaster -  Click here to view & download our How To Book your Wheelchair Accessible tickets guide.

Accessible Wheelchair Tickets – These tickets are for wheelchairs users and their companions only, a small selection of these can be purchased online through our ticket service provider Ticketmaster. Alternatively you can purchase these with us on our Accessible booking line.


If you require Accessible Seating/ Accessible Standing and do not have a wheelchair then please contact the venue Accessibility Team on 01142 565 593, phone lines are open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

(please note there isn’t the facility to leave a message)


Our dedicated team will also be able to select tickets that suit your individual access requirements, including accommodations for Assistance Dogs, visual or hearing impairments, BSL Interpreter and other specific needs. You can also get in touch via


Further information on how to book tickets that meet your access needs can be found here

If you are a visitor that requires a personal assistant to attend the show with you then it may be possible to claim a complimentary personal assistant ticket. This can differ from show to show so please check availability before booking your ticket. We will need to ask questions to ascertain the nature of the disability to ensure you are offered the most appropriate seating and that you qualify for a complimentary personal assistant ticket.  Click here for a list of documents we might take into consideration when considering to allocate a complimentary ticket. 

As with all tickets on an on sale the lines can be very busy - please keep trying as soon as it is possible to answer your call we will. Again as with all tickets we strongly recommend you prepare in advance of a show on sale to check booking procedures and ensure any entitlements are confirmed in advance - an on sale assistance guide is available here.

If practical/necessary it may be possible to arrange a visit ahead of the show you are coming to. If you have any questions regarding our facilities or wish to book tickets and have special requirements please contact us by emailing us at You can also contact us on our Accessible Tickets phone line: 0114 256 5593 or by text relay service via 

Customer Experience
One of our customers travelled to the venue all the way from Scotland to review the venues wheelchair access - click here to check out Emma's experience.

We also have an excellent blog post from a visually-impaired customer who came to see JLS with us on Thursday 28 October 2021, they really enjoyed the experience and found our accessible booking line easy to use! Click here to read about Holly's experience.

Parking Facilities
Accessible car parking facilities are available at the Arena. With reserved larger parking spaces adjacent to the venue outside the venues Red and Blue concourse - for ice hockey fixtures only there is also additional parking adjacent to the venue on the Green concourse. Advanced purchased car park tickets are the only way to guarantee your parking space and these must be purchased online at the time you purchase your event tickets.

Advanced tickets will be £7.50 and £10 on the day for Ice Hockey, for all other events tickets will be £14 both in advance (subject to fees) and on the day - should there still be parking spaces available.

Customers with access issues can be dropped off at the venue - please follow the direction of the car park staff who will need to decide where the best location for this will be given both your seating location and the volume of traffic at the time your arrival at the venue.

Click here to view the pre-paid car parking information

Nearest accessible parking space to Entry B = 21.5m
Furthest accessible parking space from Entry B = 152m
The approach to Entry B has a paving slab surface

Nearest accessible parking space to Entry C = 40m
Furthest accessible parking space from Entry C = 119.5m
The approach to Entry C has a paving slab surface

Click here to view the public transport options available to customers visiting the Arena.

Access to Concourse Level
Concourse can by accessed via lifts located on the ground floor Entries B & C or via an external ramp located on the Blue side of the building close to Entry C.

Box Office
The venue Box Office is located at Entrance C on the ground floor and has a purpose built low level counter. A hearing assistance system is installed on box office counters marked with the international symbol of deafness or hard of hearing for customers with hearing difficulties. There is ample parking outside the entrance, including accessible parking spaces.

Please click here to view our Box Office opening times. You can find the timings for a specific show by visiting the relevant page on this website.

Viewing Platforms
There are three viewing platforms accessed via red concourse, two via green and three via blue - these are called Seating Bays. On most concerts one personal assistant/companion is permitted to sit in this area with the customer who requires the assistant/companion. On family shows we will try to accommodate more if we can within the available space. We also try to hold the closest possible regular seating to accommodate additional family members. Everyone who attends the show is required to purchase a ticket unless otherwise stated on the event.

If you should have any queries please complete our Box Office enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Accessible Toilets
We have three sets of accessible toilets on the ground level accessible to public (Entry B, C and D) plus 4 purpose built unisex facilities on concourse level - these are signed and directly accessed from concourse and are located 2 on Red concourse and 2 on Blue concourse. RADAR locks are used and keys can be obtained from various locations/staff around the venue including:- Information Kiosk on Green Concourse, Arena Club, Utilita Lounge & Entry B Reception. You can also ask any steward or cleaning staff who will be able to assist and direct you to the closest suitable toilet - keys are universal so if you have your own feel free to bring them with you.

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs are permitted into the venue and pass outs will be provided if the customer requires in order for toileting etc. If you wish to bring an assistance dog please call our Accessible booking line on 01142 56 55 93 and a member of our team will allocate you the most suitable seating available. Or alternatively please email us at

Assistive Listening Devices
We offer hearing assistance to our customers with the Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D system. This transmits an audio feed of the event using FM radio frequencies.

Due to the limited number of devices we strongly recommend you book in advance. If you require a headset please make this known at the time of booking your event ticket. You can book via our dedicated access via email only at If you are already here at an event please ask a steward to direct you to Information on Green Concourse and if we have any devices available we will be happy to loan these to you.

The following devices are available at our venue:

Stethoset receivers earphones are built in - for people who need a clearer audio feed, predominantly spoken word type events where background noise and reverberation in the hall reduces the intelligibility of what customers hear.

Bodypack receivers - with 3.5 mm audio port - as above, but for people who want to use their own earphones/headphones OR for hearing aid users via an induction neck loop.

Induction neck loops - for use with the bodypack receivers, they plug into the audio port and then create a small induction loop for the user to then connect their hearing aid to.

Strobe Lighting
If strobe lighting is going to be used at an event information advising customers of this is clearly displayed next to every set of doors on concourse. There would be no warnings during the performance.

Medical Services
Medical cover is provided on all events we host with a First Aid room provided located on the Green concourse.

Changing Facilities
We have 1 assisted changing faciIity with a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and a tracking hoist system located at Entry B should customers require.

Care Room
We provide a care room that can be used during a show from the doors open time until the event ends.

This is a private room located just off reception at Entrance B - if you would like to use this room please contact a steward who will check on availability and arrange access.

Seating Sizes
Floor Seating - 400mm wide x 450mm deep.

Medical Requirements
If you need to bring medicines, food, drink or equipment to manage a medical equipment please email so we can arrange to make provisions for this.

We are a CredAbility Verified Accessible venue

The Utilita Arena accepts the Access Card. The card has been designed by CredAbility to easily and discreetly let businesses know the specific needs of visitors with access issues. It translates a person’s disability / impairment into symbols which highlight the barriers they face and the reasonable adjustments they might need.

Nimbus Disability created the Access Card and its associated Quality Assurance Scheme CredAbility

More information on the AccessCard can be found here. The card costs £15 for 3 years. Apply for a card here.

The Arena is working with Attitude is Everything, which is an organisation that supports the music industry to make live music events more accessible. We have achieved a bronze award and will continue to support the organisation, improving access to live music for people with disabilities.

For more information about the organisation, attitude is everything, you can visit their website